Why Choose The Hong Kong Aviation Club?

Flight training has been a vital part of the Hong Kong Aviation Club (HKAC) since the 1930’s starting with Fixed Wing Aircraft and later expanding the fleet to include rotary. The HKAC remains the only organisation in Hong Kong to offer flight and ground course training to obtain your license to Private Pilot level in both Aeroplanes and Helicopters.

While the Club was very fortunate to fly from the original International Airport location on Kai Tak until 2017, both fixed wing and Helicopters are now operated from the military base in Shek Kong which provides Classroom, Hanger, Maintenance and runway facilities in a secure environment. The HKAC is extremely grateful to the Peoples Liberation Army for permitting us to flying from Shek Kong during weekends as a minimum with additional days added throughout the year that include some additional weekdays.

In addition to Shek Kong, the HKAC remains as the only Kai Tak heritage and history of the former Kai Tak Airport located at 31 Sung Wong Toi Road. The site incorporates offices, lecture/meeting rooms, Flight Simulators and a fully licensed restaurant and bar. It allows members/students to attend trainings and briefings during the week in preparation for flight on the weekends allowing us to maximise the amount of flight training given.

Our expert staff provide the highest quality, personalized ground and flight instruction and help you achieve your goals, whether you are interested in starting your journey in becoming a professional pilot, or simply wish to fly for pleasure we have the solution for you. It has been our pleasure to help numerous members achieve their dream, some of which still fly with us today.

Experience the freedom of flight above Hong Kong’s picturesque landscape and amazing skyline away from the lines of traffic and crowds of people. We will help you achieve a private pilots license and support you in maintaining a high level of safety and competence every time you take to the skies.

Trial Introductory Flight

We always recommend the best way to start is with a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF). This will help in making sure that flying is for you and that you have chosen the right path with either Fixed Wing or Helicopters.


Upon completion of your membership to the HKAC, we will enroll you in your flight training course and assign you a primary flight instructor.

Age is just a number

Age 17 is the minimum age for exam eligibility and while you can be younger to start your training, this will need to be timed out as we do not advise anything that hinders your continual progress.

General Fitness

Medical (Minimum Class 2) – It will come as no surprise to hear that you need to be physically and mentally fit in order to become a pilot which needs to be assessed by a professional.

It's All Talk!

Navigating the skies also involves some communication with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and other aircraft. The internationally recognised language in aviation is English so a good level of understanding and ability to speak English is a necessity.


When talking to ATC and other aircraft we use a two-way radio to communicate which requires a Radio Telephony License. The process of obtaining this will include training and testing on areas such as – familiarisation of the radio equipment, Call Signs, Abbreviations, Height and position reporting, phonetic alphabets and standard phraseologies. Click on the tab to hear live ATC and what you can expect to deal with on each flight.

Head in the books

There are several subjects you will have to learn and understand in order to qualify as a pilot and we will help you every step of the way. Subjects include – Law, Navigation, Meteorology, Radiotelephony, Human Performance, Aircraft – General and Type specific. Click on the tab above to see the books we recommend and a complete Ground and Flight syllabus will be provided once you are a member of the Club.

Head in the clouds

Now for the fun part! Alongside your knowledge training you will complete flight training which includes a minimum of 40 flight hours incorporating general flying skills, emergency procedures, instrument flying and navigation. Click on the tab above to see the list as written in CAD’s document CAD54.

The Big Day!

Once you are able to perform all maneuvers to standard and both you and your flight instructor feel you are ready to take your Private Pilots License (PPL) Flight Test , a date will be set, and final preparations will be made. A test of your knowledge followed by you flying ability will be assessed and upon successful completion, your Private Pilots License will be awarded.

Trial Introductory Flight

We always recommend the best way to start is with a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF).

Obtaining a Hong Kong CAD Aviation Medical

Click HERE for the HKCAD aviation medical examiners who can help you with the process of attaining a Hong Kong Class 2 medical

For the most up to date list please visit www.cad.gov.hk/english/aeromedical.html with your request

Head in the books

The books are a great introduction and support material to help with your studies. The club holds the following series of book for sale.

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